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Diesel-powered Light towers

The diesel-powered light masts of TechRent are standard equipped with a road chassis and are easy to use. All our lighting masts are equipped with a spark arrestor and can be used at any location. Below you will find the various types of lighting columns.

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  • Mobile light tower 4 x 300W LED
  • Mobile light tower 4 x 150W LED Hybride
  • Mobile light tower 4 x 150W LED Hybride timer/schemerschakelaar
  • Mobile light tower 4 x 1000W Metal Halide

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Light towers 230V

The stationary lighting masts are quick to set up, easy to transport and equipped with a 230 Volt CEE plug. This makes them very easy to use. You can also choose a version with a timer so that the lighting at your work location is switched on at the desired time.