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Manual trolleys

Manual trolleys can be mounted at any point of the I-beam. They can be easily adjusted to the various beam widths. Please quote flange width when placing your order.

Load capacity: 3 to 10T

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  • Manual trolleys 3T
  • Manual trolleys 5T
  • Manual trolleys 10T


  • Superclamp Auto-Lock loopkat 6T
  • Superclamp Auto-Lock loopkat 10T

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Chain trolleys

Chain trolleys are moved to the left or right by pulling on the endless hand chain. Spacers allow a large adjustment range to many different beams. Load capacity: 3 to 10 T

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Gantries can be erected quickly and are easy to transport and handle. Gantries made of aluminium are delivered including trolleys.

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Manual chain hoists

Manual chain hoists are compact and light, which makes them easy to transport and install. Load capacity: 1 to 20T. Standard with 6 meter lifting height.